Rage Against The Machine Concert Poster
Poster by Macrae / Ulysses

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Price : $79
Shipping : $5 (USA), $8 (overseas)
Size : 16" X21"
HAND SIGNED BY Macrae and Ulysses Numbered Edition of 200

Rage Against The Machine
Indio California Concert Poster

The colaboration between Macrae and Ulysses, this incredible design features the extreme detail of Ulysses with the futuristic "Tribalyptic" style of Macrae.

For the last few years the members of RATM (minus Zach De La Rocha) have moonlighted as Audioslave. In 2007 the full lineup reunited for the first time in many years. The reasons are somewhat political and the band members are all very vehemant in their opposition to the Bush Administration and their desire to do what they can to influence the next election.

This design was done specifically to mesh with the political leanings of the band. In the central image by Ulysses we see the stormtrooper figure in a near-future where the personal freedoms of the people have been subverted. There are several very clear references to the band in this design see if you can find them!

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