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Bob Masse

Bob Dylan
1965 Concert Poster
Released Feb 2008

This is a very early poster done by Bob Masse. This was before the psychedelic period and music posters of the day were generally more plain and informative rather than pieces of art that they evolved into only a year or so later. This design features a series of great photographs of Dylan. The most remarkable piece of history on this print is the very obvious mis-spelling of Dylans name. Masse himself made the error and of course at the time Dylan was not as well known as he would later become and the design went to press with the error. It's now quite an interesting piece of history... Originals of this design are impossible to find so Bob printed up a limited second edition in 2008.

We are really excited to be one of a very few galleries that has signed copies of this print which is limited to ~300 copies (they are not individually numbered).

Poster printed on heavy poster stock, and is signed by Bob Masse. To order this poster click on the button below.

Price : $30
Shipping : $5 (USA), $8 (overseas)
Size : 11" X24"
The poster is printed on thick, glossy poster stock. It is a piece of art meant for framing and like all Bob Masse posters it's value will increase over time. Consider this poster as a gift for someone you love or for yourself. If you have any questions about this poster please do not hesitate to e-mail or call us.

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
1966 London Poster
Milton Glaser Original
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